Online Cocktail Party
Online Cocktail Party
Total participants250
ChallengeOrganize a New Year's corporate event with maximum involvement of the company's employees in the conditions of a strict lockdown.
How we made it happen

The event, which was supposed to take place offline, was turned into an online corporate event with a cocktail master class and a dynamic performance by the "Lyapis 98" band in fleshing two weeks. On the eve of the event, all company employees received branded gift sets with the necessary equipment and components for the cocktail master class. The reaction of the participants could be seen on social media.

Something to amaze

To prevent the event participants from getting bored with the host, we changed his image before each appearance on camera. Thanks to costumes and a makeup artist instead of a guy in a tuxedo, guests were entertained by Vito Corleone, Batman, and Gandalf.

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