Hydropark fest
Hydropark fest
Total participants350
ChallengeOrganize a summer festival-style corporate event
How we made it happen

came up with a concept: to remind of the simple joys of relaxation before entering the IT world, reminiscent of childhood vacations with minimal comforts and a touch of nostalgia. We turned the luxury leisure complex SHELEST into a Kyiv Hydropark metro station. The entrance to SHELEST is like in the metro - through turnstiles, greeted by metro hostesses. The location was filled with beach must-haves: a keg of kvass and beer, shawarma and burger tents, and a karaoke area. Jet skis, wake surf, football, shooting gallery - there was everything. By default, there were cocktails from the best bartenders in Kyiv next to the swimming pool. Entertainment was provided by Andrey Bednyakov, host of the "Heads and Tails" show, and Artem Neba, DJ and radio host of Kiss FM. In the evening, there was a concert with headliners such as Pavlo Zibrov, Kurgan & Agregat, and an energetic Go_A band. The event ended with a flyboard fire show. Everything was on fire! We planned to throw the loudest party of the summer with humor and wild dancing. We exceeded our plans!

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Something to amaze

We put pistachio packs wrapped in Reface newspaper, which we specially printed for the event, in the invitation boxes. A special transfer - BOGDAN minibusses - immediately set the mood for the party. We completely transformed the location to look like the Hydropark metro station: there was a gym zone "kachalka" and the famous Hydrozona club. We also set up a sales counter with magnets and a rack with sunglasses, built an amusement park, and a first aid station, and dressed the hostesses in the uniforms of metro workers and beach lifeguards. The kvass barrel was brought from the FILM.UA set.

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