Bukovel trip
Bukovel trip
Total participants60
ChallengeOrganize a crazy summer corporate party outside Kyiv.
How we made it happen

Destination point - Bukovel. On the night on the road to the Carpathians mountains, we had a party on the train, having previously fully purchased two coaches. Chicken grill and songs in the compartment accompanied by guitar are mandatory attributes of a trip with Ukrzaliznytsia. Upon arrival, the team enjoyed refreshing Carpathian air and cocktails, the coolness of the Lake of Youth, and a Hawaiian party. In the evening, we served a gourmet dinner followed by a 2000s-style party with a "dress to impress" dress code. The participant in the leopard fur coat won a costume competition. On the last day before departure, we all enjoyed the beauty of Bukovel and Ukrainian cuisine.

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Something to amaze

The event program was in the spirit of the Ukrzaliznytsia train experience. Train tickets were purchased as they used to be purchased at the ticket office, the host dressed as a train conductor, who first checked tickets and documents, and then held a karaoke contest in the coach. We created a private channel in the Telegram app, where we published all the information and news about the event in a tone of voice typical for this event.

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